Keeping The Mice Away After Removal

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You’ve finally rid yourself of those disgusting mice that were scurrying around your home looking for food that were left behind. Now you need to take steps to keep those critters from coming back.  Move Trash Cans The smell of your trash is an invitation to hungry mice and will attract them to your home. Keep trash as far down your driveway as you can. If you have to keep trash near your home put a lid on it to keep the smell as contained as possible.  Fill the Mouse Holes Close down the mouse highway the little rodents...

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Canine Hip Dysplasia: How To Reduce Pain And Improve Functionality

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Hip dysplasia is a painful disorder of one or both of a dog’s hip joints. Over time, it can lead to lameness in the rear legs and is the most common cause of arthritis in the hips. There are many ways to relieve the pain and slow the disease’s progression. However, surgical repair of the hip joint often is the only way to return your dog to a quality life. Hip Anatomy The hip joint is in the pelvis where the ball or head of the femur (thigh bone) rests in a concave pelvic socket called the acetabulum. The two bones are attached to...

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3 Dangers Your Pet Could Face This Summer

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Summer is a time of BBQ’s, trips to the lake, and romping in the yard with your pet. However, there are dangers to your pet in your very own yard that many pet owners aren’t aware of. From ticks to bee stings, here are three dangers that you need to prepare for, before you let your pet out into the yard to play.  Ticks With the summer heat come ticks that can’t wait to attach themselves to your pet’s body. In the summer, this is one of the biggest problems that you will face with an outdoor pet.  It is...

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The Dog Days Of Summer—Dangers Your Pet May Encounter During The Summer Months

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Summer is usually a very fun season for dogs, but it can also be a dangerous time of the year. While your furry friend will probably get to enjoy more time with your kids or get to go on long hikes, they can also be exposed to a number of potentially dangerous circumstances during the long summer months.  Hot Cars Never leave a pet in your car, even if it’s only for a few minutes or if the temperature doesn’t seem that high. For example, while the temperature may be a relatively pleasant 78 degrees outside, the inside of a...

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5 Dangerous Toys For Parakeets

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Your parakeet has been looking a little blue lately – and not just his feather coloring. On a whim, you decide on some new toys to cheer up your bird. But you also question if the toys you’re buying are safe. Follow this simple guide to avoid purchasing dangerous toys for your parakeet. Avoid yarn toys and perches. Some hand-made bird toys contain woven knitting yarn. Yarn is not a bird safe material, as it easily unravels. Once unraveled and ingested, yarn causes intestinal blockages, appetite loss, and watery stools. Opt instead...

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Taking Your Newly Adopted Kitten To The Vet

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You’ve done the right thing and rescued a shelter kitten, but now what? The next step is to take your new friend to the vet for tests, examinations and vaccinations to start your kitten’s life off healthy and happy. Make the First Appointment Fast Schedule your kitten’s first vet appointment right away, preferably within the first 24-72 hours. If you are able to schedule your vet appointment before you take your cat home, even better. If you have other cats at home and are unable to take your new kitten to the vet right...

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Have A Girthy Horse? Here’s What You Need To Know

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A girthy horse is one that reacts badly to being saddled up and ridden, but it’s usually not a bad behavior problem like many people believe. A horse is usually girthy when he is in pain. Here are a few things you need to know. What Is Girthiness? Girthiness is a behavior that many horse owners have seen or experienced in horses. A horse may try to bite you when you attempt to cinch up the girth strap for the saddle. He may even try to kick you. It’s clear that he doesn’t want the saddle on him, but why? It’s usually...

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Doggone Unsafe: 3 Dog Treat Types To Avoid

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If you love your dog, you might want to reward good behavior with a treat. Unfortunately, not all treats are equal. You need to select the right snacks to avoid causing serious medical complications, gastric distress and obesity. Here are three treats to avoid while shopping for your canine friend. Chicken Jerky Chicken jerky available at the pet store supposedly only includes slices of real breast meat dehydrated using approved processes. However, despite these claims, dogs consuming chicken jerky are developing bloody diarrhea, vomiting...

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How To Talk Cat: Interpreting Your Cat’s Tail Signals

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Your cat communicates with you in many different ways. Because your feline friend can’t make use of words, he or she uses a combination of vocal sounds and body movements to communicate feelings, needs, and more. The tail is one of the most expressive body parts, carrying a long list of emotions, wants, and needs. Want to know what your kitty is trying to say, so that you can respond? Read on. Talk to the Tail When the Face Isn’t Listening Your cat’s tail is like an extension of their mouth in the sense that they use it to...

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Choosing Your Horse Riding Boots To Stay Warm

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Many women are at a loss for how to dress during the fall and winter months. In places where it is cold and snowing a lot of the time, it can be hard to look cute and stylish when you need to be mostly concerned with staying warm and protected from the harsh elements. But in this article, you will find some basic tips and tricks for looking cool and staying stylish even in the coldest months of the year. Read on to learn more. First of all, you need to make sure that you are protecting your feet when you go outside into the snow and the cold...

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